Police nabbed 5 accused of illicit firearm possession in Bellville and Kensington

Cape Town police department has carried out three operations that led to the detention of five men suspected of having committed a number of criminal offences. The police in Bellville and Kensington laid preliminary charges against five suspects of being in possession of unlicensed firearms on Wednesday.

In Bellville, the police officers captured three suspects acting on a tip from locals after a man was robbed of a substantial amount of cash during an armed robbery. Unlicenced firearms and 28 rounds of ammunition were seized.

Anti-Gang Unit along with Kensington police, while following up on the leads received from their detective colleagues, arrested two suspects, aged 33 and 36, at two separate addresses in the area. They both appeared to be members of local gangs.

“They were found in possession of unlicensed firearms and ammunition. Two 9mm pistols were confiscated,” police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andre Traut confirmed.

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