Environmental alert in Durban Harbour, diving and fishing restricted

A warning has been released by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) urging the Durban Harbour visitors to refrain from getting into the water or making contact with it. CSIR has conducted research that found extensive fecal contamination in the water.

The pumps’ failure at the eThekwini Municipality‚Äôs Mahatma Gandhi Pump station became the reason for wastewater discharging into the port waters through Lavender Creek during last week.

“Members of the public are cautioned to avoid contact with Port of Durban waters after water quality monitoring was commissioned by TNPA,” Nokuzola Nkowane, the Acting Port Manager of Durban Transnet National Ports Authority(TNPA), stated. “Environmental department confirmed that the contamination levels represent a risk to human health. TNPA will undertake another round of sampling once the municipality has fixed the pumps and the outflow of sewage into the port has been halted.”

Port of Durban authorities restricted all diving operations and fishing activities until further notice.

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