Return our father’s body – Family of security guard murdered at CT school

The family of a man, murdered at Woodlands High School in Cape Town, has called on the local community to help them return the remains of their relative.

35-year-old Ernest Kanzi, who left his loved ones in Eastern Cape and moved to CT in order to earn some money, was stabbed to death two months ago while conducting a patrol through the institution’s premises.

Nikelwa Tshonepi, the victim’s sister-in-law, told the local media that the family could not afford to pay for the expensive body transportation and additional fees.

“The mortuary fees and transport back to the Eastern Cape alone is R12,000,” Tshonepi said.

As for now, the residents try to raise the money and will appreciate every rand given.

The police continue to investigate the murder case, however, no arrests have been made yet.

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