Local businessman fatally shot in his car while taking kids to school in Verulam

A man who owned a local taxi business was shot dead while taking his son and two other children to school in Verulam, north of Durban, on Wednesday morning.

A reaction squad rushed to the shooting scene and found the vehicle riddled with bullets on Old Main Road. Three screaming kids, aged 13, 11 and 8, were close by. The children were too traumatised to stop crying or identify anyone of the shooters.

“At approximately 07:12am a motorist drove to RUSA offices in Verulam reporting multiple shots being fired at a white Toyota Fortuner. RUSA members responded to the scene and upon arrival found three hysterical children approximately 40 metres away from the bullet-riddled SUV,” Prem Balram, director of private security company Reaction Unit SA, said.

The businessman reportedly died of multiple gunshot wounds to his head and upper body.

The detailed description of the suspects is still not available at the moment.

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