Group of people posing as prophets wanted by Joburg police

The police department of Johannesburg calls upon the residents to remain vigilant and consider their own safety after a number of robberies committed by people posing as prophets and robbing their victims of their valuables.

A woman reached out to help of the police after she was robbed of her cellphone in the Johannesburg CBD after “a conman claimed her device was possessed by demons”. The scammers then told the woman she had to hand over her cellphone so that it could be prayed for.

“The victim was also sent to a shop, and upon her return, the fake prophet had vanished,” Johannesburg Central SAPS communications officer Xoli Mbele explained.

The police assume that a whole group of scammers are preying in Joburg due to the fact that this woman was not the first victim of such a fraud.

“We’ve asked the community members to be aware of strangers they meet on the streets of Johannesburg,” Mbele concluded.

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