Bonnievale farm murder: one suspect arrested, three more to be caught

Western Cape police apprehended a 19-year-old man for further questioning to determine whether he was linked to the killing of a Bonnievale farmer, Vintner Tool Wessels, and the serious injury of his wife during a robbery this week.

The police also stated that they seized the farmer’s .22 rifle during the suspect’s detention. The other three suspects responsible for the farm attack have not been arrested yet.

The farmer was killed and his wife Liezel was stabbed and reportedly also burned with boiling water by four people. They were attacked while leaving for church activities on Monday night.

“Kindly be advised that our investigations into the Bonnievale murder and attempted murder led to the arrest of a 19-year-old suspect, who has been detained for questioning,” police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut confirmed.

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