Attempted hijacking in Midrand: family drive off leaving hijackers with nothing

Nothing but a prison sentence is waiting for two men accused of attempted hijacking. The suspects are on the run after they tried to steal Midrand family’s Audi 6 that drove up to the house gates in Vorna Valley, Midrand, on Saturday.

The police said that two armed men were seen confronted the family’s car with an alleged intention of hijacking. The driver reacted swiftly and managed to escape unharmed and apparently saved his family, unfortunately, causing extensive damage to the Audi.

The suspects were in a dark-coloured SUV while following the Audi before they jumped out, brandishing firearms.

“Let me take this opportunity to explain that my husband was armed, but chose not to use his arms,” a wife of the driver, Melissa Worman, posted on the Intelligence Bureau SA Facebook page.

“There was no way of getting out of this any better than we did… the damages done [were] unavoidable, even with the sharpest driver,” she said in the post.

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