3 in hospital following diesel spillage in SABC building

Medics had to hospitalise three people after diesel fumes filled the 15th floor of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) building in Johannesburg.

On Wednesday morning, an on-site generator reportedly malfunctioned while switching the power sources, unleashing waves of toxins upon the studio’s employees.

“There was a power outage earlier this morning which resulted in the SABC’s internal systems switching from City Power to the backup generator. Due to the ageing and failure of the equipment, this led to the diesel tank overflowing,” SABC confirmed in a follow-up statement.

The company speedily evacuated the people as a precautionary measure. However, three workers suffered the effects of chemical inhalation and were taken to the nearest hospitals for treatment. Their current condition remains unknown.

The radio will play looped music sets while the services clean the premises.

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