Baby boy burned to death locked in car by mother in Phalaborwa

Recently, there have been too many incidents when parents left their children unattended inside cars all over the world. In most cases, children suffered a heatstroke, asphyxiation and even death.

Monday’s incident has been no exception when a mother left her little boy locked in a car while she allegedly went inside a family home. But once she had noticed a smoke coming from the car she immediately rushed outside.

“While busy inside the house, she was shocked to see smoke and immediately rushed out to investigate,” stated Lulekani Police Station spokesperson, Sergeant Reoh Mabunda.

Police said that the child died on Monday after he had been left in the back seat of a car in Lulekani, Phalaborwa. It is still unknown if the fire was caused by a short-circuit in the vehicle.

The woman called a fire and rescue service, but unfortunately, the toddler had died before firefighters and an ambulance arrived. The boy was declared dead on the scene.

No arrests have been made by the Lulekani Police as the incident is being investigated.

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