Kempton Park bar shooting: 2 killed, 2 in critical condition

A shootout at a bar took the lives of two men and left two women in critical condition in Kempton Park on Thursday night. The gunfire was immediately reported to ER24 emergency service.

ER24 dispatched a crew to the incident scene after 11pm to find two men of approximately 30 years of age dead. One of them sustained a gunshot wound to his head while the other got a bullet in his chest.

“Two other patients, women in their 30s, were assessed and found to be in a critical condition. One woman had sustained a gunshot wound to her abdomen while the other had sustained gunshot wounds to her abdomen and leg,” ER24 spokesperson Russel Meiring stated.

Two injured women were assessed by the paramedics and provided with all the required medical assistence. Once treated, they were transported to an intensive care unit in a local hospital.

The police are investigationg the incident.

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