Illegal voting: 19 arrested for casting their vote twice

Electoral Commission of SA (IEC) confirmed the arrest of nineteen people accused of “double voting” during the parliamentary elections in three KwaZulu-Natal municipalities on Wednesday.

All the felons were booked on suspicion of fraudulent activity during the elections day in Port Shepstone, Hluhluwe and Danhauser, IEC deputy electoral officer Mawethu Mosery said.

“The police acted swiftly in make arrests at 02:00 on Thursday after investigations began at midnight,” he said.

Since all the ballot papers are impersonal, a search for the ballot that was filled by a specific person appears to be impossible. That is the reason why the duplicated votes would still be counted.

“They are all in a pile and all look the same. It is not like it is cast in an envelope or something identifiable. It is impossible to find those votes. Political parties will make decisions on that aspect,”Mawethu Mosery stated.

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