Elephant in Malawi stomps, kills UK soldier on anti-poaching mission

A young British soldier was trampled to death by an elephant in Malawi.

Mathew Talbot was reportedly patrolling the area in Liwonde National Park on Sunday, defending the wildlife from violent actions of the local poacher groups. The national defence ministry state that he encountered an angry elephant and did not manage to escape the animal’s wrath.

The member of multi-national military forces received several critical injuries and almost immediately succumbed to them.

“This tragic incident is a reminder of the danger our military faces as they protect some of the world’s most endangered species,” Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt said in a statement.

Prior to his work in Malawi, Talbot attended a training exercise in Kenya. He later volunteered to switch mission and joined Malawians in order to combat poachers.

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