Paralised CT man accidentally drowns in Canal Walk’s waterway

61-year-old Graham Clarke who has been paralised for the last 30 years, drowned at the Canal Walk Shopping Centre in Cape Town on Tuesday.

Clarke together with his carer arrived at the mall when the disabled resident asked his companion to bring some snacks so that he could feed the ducks swimming in the establishment’s canals.

According to the preliminary information, on the way back from the parking area the carer saw Clarke falling into the water. The elderly man is believed to have died instantly due to his severe condition — all of his body, from chin to toes, was fully paralised after a stroke.

The news about Clarke’s death deeply shocked his relatives and friends. Alet Bosman, the general manager of the Eric Miles Cheshire Home where Graham spent his last years, said that he was a very positive and good-natured man despite all the ordeals he suffered.

“He was an incredibly brave guy, who sometimes got very frustrated because he was normal in every way, except for his body,” she said.

“But he never bitched and moaned. He was such a positive person.”

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