Dental procedure kills little girl from Tembisa

Tembisa community shocked by a dreadful case of the four-year-old girl’s death. She died on her way to the hospital because Tembisa ambulances lack the basic equipment to keep people alive during a trip.

It happened when a usual procedure of tooth extraction went wrong. The girl was attending a dental clinic at the Esangweni Community Health Centre in Tembisa on the East Rand with her parents.

After a long wait, the family was called to the dentist who assessed the girl and decided to remove a rotten tooth, but, as it subsequently transpired, he made a mistake. The extracted tooth fell in the girl’s throat and locked the airway.

A girl’s father, Nhlanhla Mabaso, said that Sinenhlanhla started experiencing breathing problems while the procedure was being conducted.

“She was restless and kicking. I thought she was having a fit. That morning, she was energetic and chatty as always. She was excited about getting a new toothbrush after visiting the dentist,” Mabaso said,” the father said.

When the girl started choking dental staff called an ambulance but they arrived just after an hour.

The family left the hospital at around 6 p.m. only to receive a call from hospital staff the next morning informing them that Sinenhlanhla had died.

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