Attempted murder case under investigation following Atteridgeville school shooting

Pretoria police continue to investigate an attempted murder case opened after a pupil form Phuthaditshaba Primary School in Atteridgeville pointed a firearm and shot a Grade 6 learner.

Police spokesperson Lungelo Dlamini said the young victim managed to survive during the incident, however, he received several wounds and was admitted to hospital for treatment.

On Wednesday, the classes in the institution were temporary halted as angry parents broke into premises, demanding answers why the shooting was reported days after it took place and urging to shut down the school completely.

“The story does not add up at all. How is it that parents were never informed about this from the start. We’ve been conducting our own investigation but no one is willing to come out with information not even the pupils themselves”, one from the parents told the local press.

The member of the school’s security claimed they did not hear any gunshots that day.

While the case is under police control, the motives of the attacker is yet to be unknown. Allegedly, it could be gang-related.

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