Umlazi services found dead boy trapped under collapsed house

After six hours of digging and inspecting, the rescue services managed to lift a 10-year-old child’s body from the rubble of a collapsed house in Umlazi.

The boy named Mnotho Mlotshwa and his cousin Aphe, 11, was trapped inside the low-cost building when the floodwater destroyed its foundation and the house was seen breaking down in just a couple of seconds. The incident occurred after the area was hit by the severe storm, that has been grappling KZN since Monday night.

Aphe managed to survive but her relative was feared dead. The worst predictions were confirmed when the specialists found the remains of the child beneath tree logs, an old lawnmower, and heavy debris.

According to the reports, the recent storm in the province has already claimed lives of at least 23 people, however, the authorities expect the death toll to rise as lots of territories have been affected by the flooding.

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