Nigerian cop torn into pieces after killing 8 children

Late on Sunday, an off-duty policeman rammed his car into an Easter procession in Gombe, northeast Nigeria. The enraged mob lynched the man and his friend right on the scene.

The state police spokesperson Mary Mallum confirmed the tragic incident took the lives of eight children and left thirty more injured.

“Ten people were killed, including the policeman and a paramilitary member who was with him,” Mallum stated. “Another 30 children were injured and are currently in hospital while the investigation is ongoing.”

The witnesses claimed that the policeman had a row with the group of children right before ploughing his car into the procession.

“The driver of the car had a heated argument with the children before they made way for him to pass, only for him, in a fit of rage, to turn and drive into them,” one of them said. “He did it on purpose.”

Mallum advised that both, the driver and his passenger, did not outlive their victims long.

“We learnt the policeman and his friend who were not in uniform were attacked and killed by the angry crowd,” she said.

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