Sealed mine accident in Mecklenburg: three children under 10 drowned

An abandoned mine is the worst place for children. Three lifeless bodies of children who were all under 10 were found floating in the mine water by the police and the provincial search and rescue crew on Sunday.

In order to extract the bodies of the deceased children from the water a group of police divers and a K9 unit were involved. Two siblings and their friend, all younger than 10, have drowned while swimming at the illegal mine in Mecklenburg, Limpopo.

The kids have allegedly gone out to play in sealed mine despite their parents’ warning.

Police spokesperson Captain Mamphaswa Seabi said the parents called the police at 5 p.m. when they started to worry as the children were nowhere to be found. They were searching in the area and got to the illegal mine hole filled with water after the recent rain.

“The three bodies were later retrieved from the water. They were identified as the Ramabala siblings – Machaba aged eight and Itumeleng aged nine as well as their friend, Pabalelo Mokgethwa, aged seven,” said Captain Mamphaswa Seabi.

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