Father and his son averted rape of 7-year-old girl in Mossel Bay

Police officers allegedly thwarted an ugly offence by apprehending a 50-year old man in Mossel Bay. He allegedly tried to rape a 7-year-old girl in his car.

As the victim subsequently told the police, the offender lured her into his car with R41,60. It happened on Saturday at Dias Beach, opposite the Diaz Water Park.

A concerned father and his son who had come to the Dias Beach to surf together became eyewitnesses of the incident. They immediately called the police and did everything they could to deter the sexual assault.

The police said that, while waiting for his son to take a shower, the father saw the suspect luring the young girl closer to his grey Uno in the parking lot, whereafter he saw the suspect putting his hand on the little girl’s private parts.

“The eyewitness shouted at the man and ran towards the scene, after which he took the keys out of the suspect’s car’s ignition,” the police spokesperson said.

“It’s thanks to residents that are committed to stopping crime that we could arrest the suspect,” he added.

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