WATCH: 30k guns destroyed in Gauteng

Today, Police Minister Bheki Cele was present at the firearms destruction in Gauteng. More than 30,000 firearms had previously been “seized, surrendered or forfeited” to the state.

“Most of the firearms here today were surrendered. It is quite a period since we last destroyed firearms – it last happened late in 2016,” Cele stated.

It is reported that two-thirds of the firearms were surrendered voluntarily, the rest – confiscated by the police through planned operations.

The destruction was commended by Gun Free South Africa. One of their researchers, Claire Taylor, stated that the stored firearms awaiting destruction were particularly vulnerable to thefts and further sale to criminals, especially if the information about their location was made public.

“It is globally recognised that destroying excess, unwanted and recovered firearms, ammunition and firearm parts is the only way to guarantee that these are not leaked into the illegal pool of weapons,” she commented.

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