Thieves executed bystander in Actonville

The police officials have released a report about a murder case that was opened after a man, aged 36, had been killed by two accomplices during the robbery on Wednesday morning. Apparently, they decided to get rid of an undesirable witness and gunned the man down.

“According to eyewitness accounts, it is alleged two men entered the shop and one of the men stood at the door while the other approached the victim,” Actonville SAPS spokesperson, Captain Pheello Mothapo, said. “An argument ensued between the two. During the argument, the man standing at the door shot the victim. Only one shot was fired, and it was a direct hit.”

According to the murder witnesses, the suspects fled the scene when the robbery went wrong and the innocent man was killed.

The circumstances of the shooting remain under Actonville police investigation. Anyone with the information is asked to contact the Actonville SAPS.

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