Mitchells plain woman died struck twice by Golden Arrow bus and minibus taxi

Passengers at the bus station in Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain, became eyewitnesses of a shocking accident that involved a Golden Arrow bus and a minibus taxi. A woman was hit and driven over twice in a row on the corner of Kilimanjaro and Sentinel roads.

As eyewitnesses said the deceased woman was at the pedestrian crossing when the bus hit her and she got knocked back in the middle of the intersection.

“I heard the bus hit her before I looked, and then I saw the taxi hit her also. She went against the front and the side of the taxi, damaging it,” they clarified.

The ambulance has been called to the scene by the drivers of the bus and the taxi.

The woman obviously got multiple internal injuries and had passed away before a paramedics crew arrived. It is said that she had no visible injuries, only blood all over her face. Ambulance specialists pronounced her dead on the scene.

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