Lost dog R20,000 reward announced by its owner in Hilton Gardens

A dog owner from the Hilton Gardens area KwaZulu-Natal woman is asking for assistance in the search for her precious pet, a rottweiler named Frankie. It presumably went missing on April 12.

The dog was last seen when it was playing in the backyard, according to the owner, Tyler Trenam. She described the pet as the black and tan dog.

Tyler blames an opened yard’s gate which, she believes, appeared to be the main cause why Frankie went missing that day.

“Frankie is part of our family and we are incomplete without him. We are devastated,” Tyler Trenam said.

Frankie has been with the family for the past three years.

“I think someone has him. I don’t know for what motive but I feel that someone has picked him up and is keeping him,” she said.

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