Tragedy in Gauteng: 1-year-old girl run over by car dies

One-year-old girl was run over within the premises of crèche in Rembrandt Park on Saturday. She succumbed to her injuries and died later the same day.

Chiedza Sjambok dropped off her daughter at the Busy Bears daycare centre in the morning while going to work. She received a message from the principal’s husband later.

“When I called back, they told me to meet them at Edenvale Hospital because my child has fallen. It was only at the hospital that I got to know that my little angel was fighting for her life, on life support,” Sjambok advised.

The family came to Sandringham police station demanding to arrest the driver who had killed little Britney Ruguwa. They were told to come back on Monday.

“Police told us the driver was not arrested. Right now, our neighbours tell us the same driver is driving around with his car. We feel let down by the crèche and the police,” Sjambok’s sister claimed.

The next day, the police changed an initial case of reckless and negligent driving to culpable homicide, but still no arrests were made.

On Monday, South African National Civic Organisation (Sanco) urged the authorities to investigate the police’s lack of action.

“We are appalled by the reports that the police did not apprehend the motorist and instead they turned away little Britney’s mother and told her to come back to the police station on Monday as it was a weekend,” Sanco’s first deputy president Packet Seaketso said.

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