Louis Trichardt farmer’s murder case referred back for further investigation after three years

The report dated July 2016 states that a farmer who was leasing land with a house near Louis Trichardt, Limpopo was allegedly shot and killed by a group of unknown men in what was initially thought to have been a farm attack.

However, it became known today that a farmer’s wife and his son were unexpectedly detained and charged with his murder three years after the tragedy.

The alleged attack on the farmer, Tony Strydom, 45, happened in July 2016.

On Friday, Limpopo police spokesperson Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe confirmed the arrests.

“This is a very complicated case. As we are speaking, our investigators are still following up [leads],” Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe said.

Police detectives presume that the shooting was, however, a fake one. It was speculated that he could have committed suicide or that his death could have been a result of a shooting accident.

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