Dros rape accused is stable, not overdosed on drugs — correctional services

The alleged rapist, who forced a 7-year-old girl into sexual intercourse at the Dros restaurant bathroom last year, remains stable, despite the allegations made by #NotInMyName organisation, that he overdosed on drugs.

The civil rights foundation has recently posted that the 22-year-old resident was admitted to Kalafong Hospital as he injected himself with a mixture of potent drugs on a daily basis. The department of correctional services (DCS) on Monday denied those claims, indicating that the man approached one of its facilities at his own will.

“According to our records, [the suspect] reported at our health care facility in person for medical attention and was examined by DCS health care professionals who then recommended that he be transferred to an external medical centre for further examination,” spokesperson Singabakho Nxumalo said.

The suspect was previously denied bail and will appear at the High Court in Pretoria this September. According to reports, he followed the little girl from the Dros restaurant’s play area to the toilets where the incident occurred. The act was stopped by the child’s mother, who entered the room amid the rape while searching for her girl.

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