KZN doctor accidentally shot himself dead

A week ago, a well-known Richards Bay doctor was found in his own garage with a fatal shot wound to his face. It is believed that his death was an accident.

Dr Dayanandah Appal Naidu, 68, a specialist surgeon at the Bay Hospital, came home on Sunday night. According to Naidu’s son, he was carrying a gun to protect himself because the criminal situation in the area was really bad.

“My father returned home at 10.30pm and parked his car in the garage. He was carrying his firearm in a holster in his hand. The garage is not very well lit and there were boxes scattered on the floor. As he got out of his car, he tripped over one of the boxes and fell,” his son explained.

As Naidu fell, he dropped the gun and it went off with the bullet hitting him under his lip and lodging deep in his head. His domestic worker found his lifeless body the next day.

“There is no signs of suicide or foul play. We are waiting on the ballistics report to see if the safety catch had been on,” the police confirmed.

Police spokesperson Lt-Col Thulani Zwane stated that the Richards Bay police station team had opened an inquest into the doctor’s death.

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