Soshnguve protest: two men killed by protesters

Two protesters were killed during the revolt in Soshanguve Extension 6 on Thursday.

According to the police spokesperson Col. Brenda Muridili, at 6 am the protesters have torched a truck with a cargo of cutlery.

The police officers responded to the report and went to the scene. As they arrived the protesters attacked them and one of the officers have sustained gunshot wounds to his legs. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

It is reported that the protesters went to Doreng Street. The police managed to stabilise the situation.

However, the protesters have started the raids again later that day. When they tried to loot one of the shops, the owner shot one of the protesters dead and fled the scene.

When the police came, their car was attacked by the protesters.

During the house robbery in Extension 5 where the protesters have stolen musical equipment, the police came to the scene. They found a 30-year-old man’s body lying across the street.

“A multi-disciplinary task team, which includes Crime Intelligence and seasoned detectives, has been mobilised to investigate the attack on police, the death of the two protesters and the burning of the truck and private home. We have to bring those responsible to book as such behaviour is criminal and unacceptable,” National Police Commissioner General Khehla Sitole said.

Sitole also appealed to the community leaders.

“I call on the community of Soshanguve to be calm as public violence is no solution to any problem but rather a crime which is punishable by law.”

The situation in the area is now reported to be stable.

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