Paddle Cruiser drowning at the Featherbed Company pier in Knysna

National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) posted a video that shows the Featherbed Company Paddle Cruiser is beam to the sea and taking water on.

Knysna NSRI duty crew has been called following a distress signal from the Featherbed Company Paddle Cruiser at 06:30 a.m. on Friday. The Paddle Cruiser has almost 45 degrees to port. And she is taking water at moorings at the Featherbed Company pier.

“No lives were in any danger, the Paddle Cruiser was not manned at the time and it is suspected she started to take water from unknown causes during the night,” Jerome Simonis, NSRI Knysna station commander, said.

He said that the NSRI duty crew, Knysna Fire and Rescue Services, Eden Emergency Hazmat Fire and Rescue, SA National Parks rangers and Knysna Law Enforcement responded to the emergency call. Working together they are trying to pump out water from the Paddle Cruiser’s hold.

No damage to the environment occured during the incident.

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