Miners staged underground strike in Barberton, Mpumalanga

Presumably, 24 miners at the Scotia Talc Mine in Barberton, Mpumalanga, went on strike at the beginning of the week, making a huge work stoppage.

The strike began on Monday and the miners are not going to rise to the surface until the management of the company fulfills their basic requirement to increase salaries of mineworkers by at least 10%.

“We had held several meetings with management since 2013 to discuss salary increases,” one of the workers, Emmanuel Shirindze, aged 36, said.

“We met one of the directors in Malelane last week, and he told us the company doesn’t have money,” Emmanuel said.

Yet they go on overseas trips with their families while we suffer.”

Emmanuel said that workers earned as little as R1 600 a month, yet the company makes more than R2 million a week.

“How can a family man earn so little? We have families to feed and bills to pay.”

“This is just not fair. We’re being exploited. We want decent salaries that will help us meet our needs.”

The workers union direction was informed about the strike only on Tuesday, according to the Amcu regional chairman France Mkhabela words.

“We met the manager and he explained to us the workers refused to speak to him and demanded to speak to the owner,” he said.

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