Lioness attacked FS man

Fences in animal lodges are there for a reason. A 55-year-old man learnt it the hard way when he got bitten by a lioness.

On Sunday, Pieter Nortjé and his wife, Ilze, celebrated their wedding anniversary. They went to the Tikwe River Lodge in Virginia, Free State, to make the day memorable.

When they saw two adult lionesses, Nortjé stuck his arm through a fence to cuddle one of them.

“If you bite me, I’m going to bite you back!” he joked.

Another lioness got jealous and came over. Only instead of enjoying the caress, she bit into Nortjé’s right arm and pulled him towards the fence.

The man had to be rushed to the Katleho Hospital in Virginia.

It is reported that Nortjé is still in a serious condition and is suffering from septic shock. The doctors at the Pelonomi Hospital in Bloemfontein are now taking care of his further treatment.

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