Durban woman decided to perform voodoo ritual to resurrect her father

A Durban 35-year-old woman attempted to set herself on fire believing that this ritual would resurrect her father who passed away 17 years ago. She is now going to be evaluated by a psychiatrist, and after a medical report is released she might be placed under psychiatric treatment.

Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) officials said that an accident happened in the late hours of Thursday.

It is said that the woman was deterred from self-immolation by private security firm’s workers on Inanda Road in Verulam, northern KwaZulu-Natal.

Eyewitnesses alerted a reaction unit and RUSA rescue crew was dispatched after the woman was “trying to set herself on fire”.

As paramedics said later a woman was found sitting near the Inanda Road attempting to burn her blouse with matches. After, she told that “she lives in the bush between the Mountview intersection and Fairview Drive, Brindhaven”.

“She explained that she was attempting to start a fire to conduct a prayer in an attempt to resurrect her father who died 17 years ago. She also confirmed that her mother was murdered and she had no family. The woman also admitted to being high on heroin while being interviewed. She allegedly supports her drug habit through prostitution,” the RUSA representative clarified.

She was transported to the Verulam Police Station.

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