Free beer for Mitchells Plain residents, delivery truck lost some refreshing cargo

A heavy-duty-truck was delivering a batch of beer when under unknown circumstances a driver stopped his vehicle and got out. According to the driver’s words, the load by some reason was displaced and a bunch of boxes had fallen out the truck.

The road was flooded with beer as bottles broke when the truck lost its load.

“After beer fell off a delivery truck and the driver stopped on the side of the road, residents rushed to the scene to take what they could,” eyewitness said.

“It is not yet clear what caused the incident, but the load may have shifted as the driver negotiated the narrow road he was travelling on,” Wayne Dyason said.

Vehicles can be seen parked at a four-way stop as drivers rush to get booze.

“They are just helping to clean the road. Imagine the damage the broken bottles would have done to passing cars. Just let the community clean and benefit. It’s not like the damaged bottles were going to be used for something important,” Sizwe Mlambo said.

He also added that it would have been worse if the residents had just stood by and watched the chaos.

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