Gang-rape victim moved to another school

Fons Luminis Secondary school in Soweto arranged an induction camp in De Deur in March. Now the parents of the girl who had been raped there by her fellow learners asked to transfer her to another school.

According to the police reports, the Grade 8 female learner went to the boys’ dormitory during the school trip where she was allegedly gang-raped by three male learners.

The three suspects are expected to face court on rape charges on May 21.

“The learners appeared in court but the case was deferred to a later date awaiting the investigating officer to conclude the investigations,” Gauteng Department of Education’s spokesperson, Steve Mabona, said.

Mabona confirmed that the victim had been placed in another school according to her parents’ request.

“The victim has also been receiving counselling from the department. The perpetrators have also been receiving counselling from the department accordingly,” he added.

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