Animal cruelty case in Mahikeng: over 40 greyhounds kept in horrendous conditions

A Mahikeng man was arrested after 43 greyhounds were found in the most extreme filth and without access to water at his property in the North West, according to the National Council of Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) report.

The breeder is in custody right now awaiting his initial appearance in the Mahikeng court.

The NSPCA released a statement that inspectors from its special projects unit had obtained a warrant after receiving a complaint regarding underweight Greyhounds living in shocking conditions.

Mahikeng residents who are living near the breeder’s property had repeatedly complained about the conditions the owner is keeping his dogs in, and also the fact that he rented them out to hunters.

“The dogs were forced to live in enclosures that were unkempt and parasitic. Some of the dogs were underweight, some had old wounds that were left untreated and had become infected,” said the council.

The inspectors removed 20 dogs due to their poor condition and issued a warning to the owner for the remaining animals.

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