Complicated story: car stolen twice in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni

A strange case was reported of a car that disappeared from the police station under unknown circumstances after it had been restored from hijackers.

The story began when the car was stolen from its owner at a gunpoint in 2017 for the first time. Bongani Makamu, 41-year-old, was driving home in his VW Polo Vivo when a group of unidentified men approached him at the intersection and forced him to leave the car.

“They opened my door, put me in the back, beat me to a pulp, stripped me naked and left me for dead,” Bongani Makamu said.

It is said that he was later found on the side of the road by a passer-by who called for the emergency services.

Shortly after that, the car was recovered from the hijackers by the police and transported to the Rabasotho police station facilities. However, it mysteriously vanished from the station next week.

Makamu has now opened a case of theft of his vehicle and it is being investigated by the Gauteng police office.

“I really don’t want to hear their stories anymore, I want answers and I need my car back because the police found it from the hijackers and they stole it from me ,” he claimed.

“I opened a case of hijacking that almost took my life when I was discharged from hospital, that too has not being followed up. Instead, police took advantage of my situation and did as they pleased with my car,” he complained.

The outraged man is accusing the police of his car disappearance and asking Tembisa residents to help him in his delicate case.

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