Teacher who slapped and beat little children arrested in Carletonville

Such dastardly act as a child abusing couldn’t go unpunished. The video taken by a cellphone camera showed a Carletonville teacher who was beating up children at the Ninnies Neuron’s Nursery School. Fortunately, the Gauteng police reported that she had been arrested last Friday.

The Ninnies Neuron’s Nursery School representative said that ‘the video was taken a year ago’. However, it was replicated by social media only on Thursday when a related case of child abuse had been reported.  The same teacher spanked a girl before delivering a salvo of blows to her head.

Parents came forward with accusations of assault on their children on Thursday. They are fetching their children from Ninnies Neuron’s Nursery School after several videos surfaced on social media depicting one of the teachers assaulting children and babies.

“We have only learned about these incidents just over a week ago,” the nursery school said.

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