Centurion Lake to be closed “once and for all” – Mayor Stevens Mokgalapa

The Centurion Lake in the City of Tshwane has been a health hazard that stressed residents and business people for over a decade. After dumping millions of rand into the lake rehabilitation, the city promises once again to stop the stench from the polluted water by covering it with concrete.

Built in the early 1980s as a focus point for a new commercial area, the Centurion Lake soon became a nightmare for those who lived, played, shopped and did business in Centurion. The unbearable odour forced many businessmen to close restaurants and cafes around the lake.

Mayor Stevens Mokgalapa said he could not understand why “that thing” was even called a lake.

“After consultation I have taken an executive decision not to overly concern myself with semantics about it being a tough job, but to cover it with concrete and turn it into an urban parking space or a bird sanctuary,” he stated.

“I can confirm that we will close that lake once and for all,” the mayor promised.

R30 mln had been allocated from the budget of the current financial year for the project.

The heavy contaminated water is brought to the Centurion Lake by the Hennops River, quipped as the “river of faeces”. The inadequate sanitation in upstream communities such as Tembisa, Ivory Park, Olifantsfontein and Erasmia, turned the river into an open sewer.

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