Pet-owners warned: 9 dog-fighting rings operate around Durban

Seen as a quick source of income, illegal dog fighting has steadily increased in Durban townships, hence the rise in dog theft.

According to animal rescuers, dog-fighting rings are operating in at least nine locations in the greater Durban area: Verulam, Phoenix, uMlazi, Merebank, Chatsworth, Mariannhill, Shongweni Valley, Hammarsdale and Drummond. Pets in these areas are at high risk of being stolen.

Reportedly, a stolen bull terrier can cost from R3,000 to R8,000, and a pit bull can fetch between R1,500 and R3,000.

Apart from dogs of these breeds, the organisers of dog fights are ready to accept any others since they also need lapdogs. Lapdogs are usually used as bait to fire-up the aggression in the big dogs before the actual fight where bets can go as high as R300,000.

Allegedly, the targeted dogs are captured when they eat meat with chloroform. Male dogs can also be lured with the use of a female dog in heat.

David Hardwick, a partner at Serendi-Pitty Rescue, said that it was very difficult to track the criminals as the dates and venues were often changed. Usually, a syndicate leader would alert people to when and where the fights are to take place.

The NSPCA’s Nadia Hansa stated it always acted on information about dog-fighting but because of the underground nature of the crime, the investigations usually took a long time. She also added that those found guilty of involvement in dog fighting could be sentenced to two years’ imprisonment per charge.

If you have any relevant information that can help the NSPCA Special Investigations Unit to curb the illegal dog-fighting, call 0119073590.

  1. Wini 2 years ago

    Guard your pups, this is evident that they start dog fighting young. Older dogs, unless darted, are not dog fighters. They will protect themselves. Eating from the ground can be stopped by using mouse traps and meat. Place each trap in various places in the garden and driveway. When the pup tries to eat the meat, the trap will click and give the pup a fright. After a few attempts he’ll learn not to eat from the ground. Don’t let anybody else feed your dogs only the householders.

  2. Ishrath Aberdeen 2 years ago

    Keep these pets safe please.
    Theyre our Friend

  3. Sylvia Eddles 2 years ago

    This is horrific the authorities must trace tbw whereabouts of these dog fights + charge accordingly it’s so cruel it makes one wonder what type of people do this + how they were brought up shocking!

  4. Rose Hunter 2 years ago

    Is there a place where one can report suspicious sightings? Driving along Kings Road in Pinetown, past the Pinecrest centre, I saw two young black males with a bull terrier and a rottweiler on leashes, speaking to other black males.

  5. D Zietsman 2 years ago

    What a disgrace! People, use your votes to vote for parties against dog fighting.
    We need to gather together and lobby parliament for stronger penalties and catch these sadists.

  6. Boetie 2 years ago

    As one of the owners of pitbull breeds in uMlazi it’s very sad to find that this kind of dog abuse is still in act after so much has been done and sacrificed to stop this illegal dog fighting crimes. Today we fight to keep our pets from being taken from us because of speculAtions that they are aggressive and uncontrollable breeds,not looking at the fact that it’s those stupid people and criminals that make them so.. this act of dog fighting is a serious heart breaker and if i find any of these ass wholes anywhere close to my dogs I’ll put a bullet in the head without hesitation.

  7. Deon 1 year ago

    Dog fighting should be treated a seriuos crime and a much stricter sentence should be imposed to protect these lovable animals.

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