13-year-old girl forced to marry 61-year-old man in PE

On Wednesday, the Port Elizabeth High Court was hearing a case of a mentally disabled girl who was forced into child marriage at the age of 13. She was sent to Port Elizabeth by her own uncle to live with her 61-year-old husband, clean the house, cook and get raped every night.

The girl, who is now 15-years-old, testified that she had to move to her uncle’s house in Stanger, Kwazulu-Natal, after her parents died. The man repeatedly beat her, and she hardly attended school.

After meeting a 63-year-old woman at church, the child went to live with the her daughter in Bizana, Eastern Cape, where she managed to complete Grade 5. However, next year the girl was told she would no longer need to attend school. Instead, she was to be taught the “laws, practicals and principles” of a married woman.

Once she learnt how to clean and cook, a 61-year-old man – the brother of the elderly woman – bought the child. He sent money to the house and instructed the girl to take a taxi to Shakaskraal, where she met her uncle.

“My uncle told me I am no longer a child and I am going to be a wife. My uncle told me I am going to be [the man’s] wife as he had already paid for labola,” she testified.

After that, every day was the same. She would spend her time cooking, cleaning and watching TV while her husband was at work. At bedtime, the elderly man would rape her.

The uncle of a girl, along with her “husband” and his sister are charged with human trafficking and concluding a forced marriage for purposes of exploitation. The husband faces two additional charges of rape.

All three pleaded not guilty to most of the charges. The uncle entered a plea of guilty to a charge of trafficking in persons.

The names are not disclosed to protect the identity of the girl.

The trial continues.

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  1. Bongeka Mbutsi 11 months ago

    Children have the right to be protected and taken care of both uncle and a 61 year old man and all people involved need to be charged cause this is violation of this girls right …she is a minor suppose to be in school especial in KZN a lot of child traffic and sexual abuse has been mostly reported especially with physically challenged children they are not safe at all 23 February it was on the news that children were sexually assaulted and physically emotionally abused , recently children in need of care has been neglected in a children’s home Our government must really focused in vulnerable children in need in communities and implement prevention programs that are accessible by every cs most children that are taken care of is mostly those are in residential care while we have severe cases like these .these evil people need to go to jail and that can be a lesson for others as well.childrwn are not protected this makes me very angry

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