Johannesburg police seeking motorcyclist-killer

As a result of a shootout, two young women were killed in the early hours of Friday morning in South Hills.

It is known that Johannesburg police officers are seeking a motorcyclist who allegedly gunned two women down on the corner of Theunissen and Slabberts streets.

The police department revealed the identities of two victims, they turned out to be Mary Abbott Coetzee and Chanty Duvies Barnard.

Another Facebook user posted, “Condolences to the families. Terribly sad news. Why and by whom would be the question and hope the culprit is caught.”

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  1. Jacques 11 months ago

    Hi Chanty’s real name is Chantelle Samantha Duvenhage she is my sister and also a mother of a young 7 year old Daughter Hailey…

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