Father out of his mind with grief, his son fell out of 7th-floor window

According to the Durban police report released on Friday, a six-year-old Ntando Makhathini fell out from the seventh-floor window of the flat on Saturday.

The apartment at Pixley House in Durban is owned by the little boy’s father, Jimmy Kevin, aged 38.

Ntando Makhathini died suffering severe head trauma in hospital.

“I left him watching TV in the dining room and went to the bathroom,” Jimmy Kevin sighed.

“I was in the shower and didn’t hear him.”

Jimmy said when he finished, Ntando was nowhere to be seen.

“I went to check if he was on the sixth floor, as he had friends there.”

He was told that the child had fallen out of the window.

“I went back and saw the window was open and he was lying on the road. I ran down and found him covered in blood.

“It was the first time something like that had happened. Colonel Thembeka Mbele said an inquest docket was opened,” the flat supervisor Patrick Kabwe said.

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