Tourism gone wrong: German tourists lost phone and entertainment

Two German tourists met two women in a pub. The new friendship ended with a stolen phone and an illegal ammunition find.

According to the police report, a Table View patroller and police stopped by the bar during the watch, as they saw two German tourists standing by themselves. Cops told them to be careful because of the robberies that occurred in that part of Cape Town.

The tourists told the patrol they were waiting for their new friends to take them to their place in Big Bay. One of them also mentioned he had lost his phone that evening.

As the officers were talking to the tourists they saw an approaching silver Toyota Yaris. The Germans pointed to their new friends in that car.

The car sped off and the police started the pursuit. When they stopped and searched the car they found the tourist’s cell phone and a box of ammunition.

The ‘new friends’ were arrested and are expected to appear in court.

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