Security guard fought back dog attack and shot it down

A dog allegedly attacked a security guard in Delta Park on Wednesday. The security officer was forced to use a service weapon in order to protect himself from the dog attack.

“A case of malicious damage to property has been opened at the station by the dog owner,” said Linden Police Station’s Captain Alex Vermaak.

It has not yet been confirmed by the police whether the dog was on a leash and whether it actually attacked the security guard.

“A Cap officer was on a scheduled break in the section of Delta Park accessed via the suburb of Victory Park, and was allegedly attacked by a Labrador who was off-leash and accompanied by its owner,” Cap Security official said.

According to the statement, the officer discharged his weapon at the dog, and the dog was injured.

“Cap is investigating the facts around this, and should the officer be found guilty of any misconduct, he will be dealt with as severely as possible. The matter was reported to SAPS, and Cap is committed to cooperating with a police investigation, as well as conducting its own inquiry into this unfortunate matter. In ongoing training sessions, the need for Cap officers to treat dogs respectfully has been dealt with, and they are equipped with skills in this regard,” he concluded.

The Cap team expressed its regrets about the incident and offered to pay for veterinary services as a sign of good faith.

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