‘Scenario of a horror movie’ played out in Tshwane

“The angry man jumped on top of his aunt and bit a piece of flesh out of her forehead.”

This is a scenario of a horror movie, you may think. But you’ll be wrong thinking that way. The horrific incident in Temba, Tshwane, happened on Sunday.

Relying upon witnesses’ statement, when a man was taken away, ‘he was still chewing a piece of his aunt’s flesh’.

When the man’s aunt, Johanna Hlungwane, stood up from the ground, she demanded her flesh back. But it was too late – the suspect had allegedly swallowed it.

The 55-year-old teacher said the trouble started when the man approached her in 2017 saying he was her late brother’s son. She said she let him move in with her but after a few months, he started behaving strangely.

Johanna said that she bought her nephew a shack when she realized he was becoming violent towards her. But he refused to live in the shack and chose to guard the house next door.

“On Sunday, I was fed up after he insulted me on the way home from church. I called residents so we could find out what his problem was,” moaned Johanna.

She just could not be prepared for what happened next.

“I was shocked when he attacked me. I went to Temba Police Station to open a case, but cops told me to go to hospital and get a J88 form,” she said.

Neighbours who witnessed the attack called an ambulance and Johanna was rushed to hospital.

The deranged man was arrested for assault.

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