The last victim of the Sunday’s flood found

The Police reported that a body of an eight-year-old boy, carried away by a river in Mount Fletcher in the Eastern Cape last week, had been found.

Considered the last Sunday flood’s victim, Boitumelo Lebenya was the last of the six children whose bodies were recovered after they had been swept away while crossing the Freyistata River after school.

“Community members found the body of the boy 80km away from Mount Fletcher,” the police spokesperson Capt Khaya Tonjeni said.

On Thursday last week, police search and rescue teams recovered the bodies of a girl and three boys, aged between six and eight. The body of another six-year-old boy was recovered late on Saturday afternoon.

All the children were from the same area.

The rescue operation was assisted by a team of seasoned and experienced rescue squad members. They had searched the large part of the Moyane River and one smaller river looking for for the two children.

“The police extend a word of gratitude and appreciation for the support received from the community throughout this ordeal,” declared Capt Khaya Tonjeni.

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