Pupil stabbed while gambling at school

The Rusthof Secondary pupil has been taken to hospital after being stabbed by his schoolmate, allegedly while they were gambling.

Apparently, his opponent lost and demanded his money back. The boy was stabbed in a fight.

“We are extremely concerned with the aggressive nature of the incident and that the learner had a knife with him on school premises,” said the provincial Education MEC spokesperson Jessica Shelver.

It is also reported that the victim is now in a stable condition.

The school will follow disciplinary procedures in terms of their code of conduct.

  1. Albert 2 months ago

    Violance at Schools. G

  2. Albert 2 months ago

    Shall we blame this latest incident on the Teacher. The parents etc. We are getting used to the violance at Schools.pupils are injuring and even killing one another on a daily basis. It is the norm. Bring back corpural punishment. (Let the Teachers beat the pupils ) this will end pupils assault one another. Maybe the stabbing was out of selfdefence..Nothing will come out of this.(By the way, How about reporting on Farm-Murders and their workers for a change)

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