Employee electrocuted at car wash

The Kimberley police started an inquest into the death of an employee of Eco Car Wash. Apparently, the man was electrocuted at around 9am on Tuesday.

The man was shocked by a live cable during work, the injuries he sustained were fatal.

According to the eyewitnesses, the man had been an employee of the car wash for the past three years, but the police could not confirm the identity of the deceased as he had no documents.

“We cannot confirm his nationality as we will have to wait for someone to come and identify the body. The age of the deceased could not be established, because no identification documents could be found,” said police spokesperson Captain Tessa Jansen.

The owner of the car wash stated that he did not have any personal information of the deceased on file.

“He said that he ‘inherited’ the deceased from the previous owner with no personal information on file. We tried to call the contact numbers on the deceased’s cellphone, but no one answered.”

The previous owner of the car wash said he did not know the man.

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