Young Randfontein man murdered for too loud music

A young Randfontein man has been murdered by criminals for playing music too loud. He refused to turn down the volume and paid with his life for it. As constable Carmen Hendricks, Randfontein Police spokesperson, says, the incident happened in the Afri-Village Development section in Betty Street, Wilbotsdal, on Sunday, March 10.

“It was alleged that the 27-year-old man was playing music very loud. Other site workers also staying at the same place asked him to turn the music down, but he ignored them. When some of the workers started to assault him, he ran into his shack and came back holding a table knife to defend himself,” the spokesperson points out.

According to her, he was hit on the head with a stone and fell to the ground:

“While on the ground the crowd continued assaulting him. His roommate was also assaulted. The medical health practitioners were contacted and the one victim was declared dead on the scene. The roommate was taken to the hospital with head injuries,” Hendricks said.

The local police department has opened a murder case and arrested one suspect.

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