Hanover Park woman lives in fear after cop who raped her was granted bail

A 29-year-old woman is scared to leave her home in Hanover Park, Cape Town, after the policeman, who allegedly raped her, was released on bail.

According to the reports, the victim met Constable Enkosi Matiwane in Grassy Park Police Station as she was arrested for shoplifting and brought there in early 2016. When she fell asleep in one of the cells, the officer opened the gate and forced her into sexual intercourse.

“He didn’t use a condom. Then he cleaned himself up and left. The whole time he was staring in my face,” the young woman said.

She also added that in September last year Matiwane came to her house and she immediately recognised him.

“I know they said they had taken (DNA) samples from all the officers at the station and that is why it took so long (to investigate). That day when he came here he said his name and wanted to apologise. That is when I had his name”.

The alleged rapist came to the victim’s house two more times, asking to drop the charges. However, the woman denied those calls and is now afraid for her life as the court freed the suspect and postponed the case until April 29.

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